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Unsolicited Email Policy

By emailing or (further referred to as the „domains”) you are agreeing to the following:

The domains are wholly owned and operated by Appulize (Sweden reg. no. 8612040777, further referred to as „Appulize”).

Any transmission of unsolicited emails to any email address on these domains will be invoiced at a rate of $99 per email for bandwidth, storage and processing fees, at the discetion of Appulize management.

Unsolicited emails are defined as emails not falling into any of the below categories:

1) Inquries about professional services offered by Appulize. This explicitly excludes offering your services to Appulize.

2) Any email that is a direct reply to an email originating from any of these domains.

3) Any email that is directly realted to, and regarding, a user's account, such as important security notices.

4) Any email required to be transmitted by law such as updates to privacy policy or other legal agreements.

Any costs related to the processing of this notice must be communicated to, and expressly approved by Appulize.

This notice is posted in full on both domains. No users on any of the domains have given consent to the transmission of emails outside of the above mentioned categories. Any such consent is a mistake and should be immediatey revoked and the email address blocked from further transmission.